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So, What Are My Circumstances?

April 2, 2011

What are we working with here? I realize that you can follow any personal and family finances blog and make application. But as I’m reading blogs, I always wonder if the author is making about what I’m making, if they have any children, if they are married, etc…

So, here are the answers:

I’m married (very happily). Been married almost 20 years…

We have children. More than a few. Five. A teenager, a toddler, and a few in between.

We own our home and make a monthly mortgage payment. This is our second home.

I and my wife are college graduates. I graduated from USU and sweetheart graduated from BYU-I.

We use a monthly budget. We’re not perfect at it, and we’re learning more about budgeting each month. Hopefully you can help us on this one! Currently, we’re using a combination of pen/paper and We’ll talk more about later…

I make a very average salary (I’m being purposely a bit secretive here, for obvious reason). When I am taking a survey and am asked about my salary, I choose the one that is somewhere in the middle. We’re not rich. We’re not poor. We have always had enough to meet our needs and save for the future, though we’ve purposely been careful with our money during our entire marriage.

We are not in debt. This matters. Many of the blogs/articles/tips I’ve found over the years have to do with getting out of debt. Frustration sinks in when I spend a lot of my time studying about how to get out of overwhelming debt. For sure, these blogs are helpful to those who are in those circumstances, but this probably won’t be that blog (hopefully!).

We’re fiscally conservative. I’m a more of a saver and less of a spender. Unless I walk into an electronics store….

We are religious. We’re members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. That has a lot to do with our finances, both in the amount of tithes and offerings our family shares with our church, and our overall view of finances. At the same time, this blog isn’t a “missionary effort”, though you should feel free to ask questions if you’d like…

We are a one-income family. I periodically make a little money with a few side jobs, but not enough to change our tax-bracket!

I think this will do for now…

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