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What am I Doing Here?

April 2, 2011

I’m not complaining at all. What is out there already, is really, really useful. I’ve spent the last year or so following personal finance blogs, articles, news stories, etc., and I think our family has made a solid number of important changes and tweaks in how we run our finances. But one thing keeps bugging me… just a little…

Almost every blog that I’ve been following originates from an individual who is in such different circumstances than I am that I can’t always make a connection between their information and my circumstances. I keep hoping that I’ll find a blog that covers a family’s financial decisions and that the family will consist of 7 people, live in the US, make about the same amount of money that my family makes, and has the same view as I do about finances. Either there aren’t many people in my situation writing blogs, or I just haven’t found any blogs that qualify.

So, I’m starting one. I hope that enough people are looking for a place to follow the financial experiences and study of a real family, sticking to a real budget, in the middle of real life…more to come…

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