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Personal and Financial Blogs That I Follow…

April 11, 2011
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Every morning my iPhone plays a guitar sound to alert me that it is time to wake up. I then use my phone to check Twitter (I basically only follow news tweets) then to check Google Reader to check which blogs have updated. I subscribe to photography blogs, finance blogs, and a few other obscure blogs…

Here is the list of Personal and Family Finance blogs I currently follow. I do read other blogs, but haven’t subscribed to them. I don’t want to be subscribed to too many blogs, since I have to get out of bed at some point in the morning!

  1. Budgets Are Sexy
  2. Clever Dude (this is new to me, and I’m not sure how long I’ll follow)
  3. Get Rich Slowly (one of my favorites…)
  4. Give Me Back My Five Bucks
  5. I also subscribe to Money Magazine (I like reading real magazines every once in awhile), and read a few articles in the NY Times, and CNN’s Financial Site.

Again, I read other blogs when they are linked to one of the ones that I subscribe to. When I realize that I am reading a certain blog quite often, I subscribe to it. As I find more blogs that are “tried and true”, I’ll share them here…

Oh, and I subscribe to “Real Family, Real Money”…of course…

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