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Having A/C Pummeled our Electricity Bill….

August 21, 2011

…but I’m not going to live without it…

When we had our house built, it was very cold outside. As a result, even though we had paid for it, the A/C unit wasn’t installed. Finally, this June, the guy came and put it in. Our electricity bill hasn’t looked the same since. I’ve learned that keeping our fans in our front room and bedroom do a lot for us, and having a programmable thermostat has been nice, but I’m always looking for ways to cut costs without being a total financial weirdo and making my family crazy…

I found this article this morning and thought you might benefit…

Ten Easy Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill from Get Rich Slowly

Enjoy…and stay cool…

PS…We installed a massive fan in our front room, and since our ceilings are vaulted, and the other side of the ceiling is over the kitchen (on the other side of the wall between our front room and kitchen), when we have our fan suck up (instead of blowing down) it pushed air up, into the vault, over the all, and into the kitchen, which keeps our kitchen cooler, too.

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